The Upper House passed a resolution on Friday, calling for a trial of the former military ruler, General Pervez Musharraf (R) under Article 6, for abrogating the constitution. Calling the resolution a historical one, Senator Raza Rabbani told the media that Musharraf was an illegally self-appointed President and a usurper and that he and his party had never accepted him as the President of Pakistan.

If that was the case then what is the legal status of Prime Minister Gilani and his cabinet ministers, belonging to all major political parties of Pakistan, who were administered the oath of their offices by this illegal president? Could an illegal usurper ‘legalise’ their ministerial appointments by swearing them in? By the same virtue, could their all official acts and orders, carried out during their stay in the office, be called legal? Could someone more learned shed some light on this legal issue impasse please?


Rawalpindi, April 20.