wazirabad -  An uncontrolled Mazda truck crushed a man and injured two women after it ran over five cars and a motorcycle parked at the entrance of Central Election Office of Hamid Nasir Chattha here on Sunday.

According to details, half a dozen cars including one applied for car owned by candidate for PP-104 Asif Mehmood Kalair, were parked outside Election Office of PML-J near Banks. Some bank clients including 50-year-old Abdul Waheed along with his daughter 25-year-old Khadija, Staff Nurse of a Chiniot Hospital and Sajida Begum, sister of PML-J General Secretary Muhammad Khalid Mughal were standing outside the bank, adjacent to the entrance of PML-J Election Office.

Meanwhile, a speeding Truck LES-7137 entered the parking area and smashed and pushed all the cars. The out-of-control truck also crushed one man and two women, causing the death of Abdul Waheed instantly. The injured including his daughter Khadija suffered fractures on arms and legs and were rushed to hospital. However, later Sajida Begum was shifted to Lahore.

In the incident five cars and one motorcycle were damaged, causing a loss of hundreds of thousands of rupees to the owners. In the meantime, people caught the driver and conductor of the truck and handed over to the City Police. The police are trying to know cause of the accident. Meanwhile, the both driver and conductor were examined in the hospital and allegedly found not to be in senses.