The overloaded trucks on the express highway have become the leading cause of accidents due to violation of traffic rules and driving on the wrong sides on the main thoroughfare leading to the federal capital. Overloaded trucks posed a very serious danger as they had a tendency to loosing control especially during an attempt to avoid any collision with small vehicles.The road has only two lanes, one always possessed by trucks and loaded vehicles, while the other for the light weight vehicles.However, trucks, in a bid to overtake each other, move to the second lane as well, forcing the small vehicle drivers to slow down.This creates panic among the drivers who try to overtake the trucks from the wrong side, increasing the chances of accidents, said a commuter."It is so frustrating when both the lanes are possessed by trucks which openly violate the traffic rules and force us to travel at a speed of 10 to 20 km/h," said Abdul Rehman, a resident of Behria Town. He said there are many housing societies located on the highway and most of the people living there use the road on daily basis.This results in bumper to bumper movement of vehicles during peak hours. The situation, it is feared, would become worse in next two to three years following the complete development of the societies which are still under-developed. Traffic police are hardly ever seen on this section of the highway.