KARACHI -  The Pakistan Muslim League-Functional kicked off its election campaign in the City on Sunday.

Kamran Tessori and Sardar Rahim, the PML-F candidates for NA-250 and PS-113 respectively, launched their election campaign in their constituencies. They said people of the area have been deprived of shelter by the rulers. They said only the PML-F would ensure basic rights of the people of the area. They vowed their party would take every step ensuring shelter and other basic needs to the masses. They said foreign companies would not be allowed to usurp rights of the poor people.

Addressing a news conference, Tessori said they would introduce a unified local government system in the province if his party came into power after winning elections.

He said under the dynamic leadership of Pir Pagara, the party would provide the people with justice at their door steps. He said the former corrupt rulers deprived the people of Sindh of their basic rights. He further said a proper legislation would be done to provide respect sand justice to womenfolk and his party would never allow anyone to humiliate women.

He expressed his no confidence over the caretaker government and hoped the Election Commission Pakistan would hold elections in time. He said the Sindh caretaker govt has failed to maintain law and order in Karachi.