karachi - Haleem Adil Sheikh, election candidate from Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid for election to PS-129, on Sunday made a tour to Ebrahim Hyderi to learn about problems of the voters.

Sheikh visited the markets on foot to give a subliminal message that he cared for the people of his electoral constituency. He was dismayed to learn that there was no water even in mosques in the area. Talking to leaders of various groups at his election office in the area, he said those candidates having the public mandate would only be successful. Sheikh announced that after getting success in elections, he would try to get back more than 3,000 fishermen from Indian jails.

The Pakistan Muslim League Quaid has finalised list of its election candidates for national and provincial seats. The party is going to field candidates on three NA seats and 12 candidates on 12 Sindh provincial assembly seats. On the other hand, Sheikh Muhammad Iqbal, advisor to PML-Q leader, demanded the people of Malir to support Haleem Sheikh in the next elections.