YA’AN - SN - A reporter from a local Chinese TV station has interrupted her own wedding to cover the news of the powerful earthquake that struck the city of Ya'an.

Chen Ying was getting her make-up done at a local photographic studio ahead of her wedding ceremony when the quake hit. The bride sprung into action and started to interview people on the street - without initially realising the full extent of the disaster.

"I am standing at the Holiday Plaza. Fifteen minutes ago, a strong quake struck. But there haven't been casualties in this area where I am standing," she said in her piece to camera.

"Our residents in Ya'an have taken effective measures to prevent damages. I hope our city will be safe."

Ms Chen, who appeared on air wearing her wedding dress and veil, went viral online, with many viewers calling her the "most beautiful bride in the world".

She asked one woman what she was doing when the quake struck, to which the interviewee replied: "I was getting fuel for my car. My first feeling was this earthquake was stronger than the May 12 quake (in 2008). I feel pretty calm now. I feel much better after going through the May 12 earthquake."

Ms Chen asked another unidentified woman whether she was still scared, to which she replied: "Yes, I am still a bit in shock. I called around trying to find out where the epicentre is."

After conducting 10 minutes of interviews on the street, Ms Chen continued with her wedding - and went back to work after the brief ceremony. The Ya'an quake on Saturday killed at least 186 people and injured more than 11,000 as well as leaving two dozen missing.

It was the worst in China since the 2008 disaster, which saw around 68,000 people lose their lives.