Every year ‘Earth Day’ is celebrated with zeal to show sympathy to the deteriorated condition of the earth, due to ever increasing pollution and vanishing greenery. Consequently, global warming is increasing and the earth is inching toward a devastating end. There are two main reasons behind it, ever increasing pollution (sound, water, air etc) and speedily vanishing greenery.

Although at government level, many seminars and walks are arranged, but there is dire need to work on individual level with sincere efforts as well. We can reduce pollution by plantation, using fountain pens instead of ball point pens, cloth bag instead of polythene bags, closing running water while shaving and brushing our teeth and during wazoo so as not to waste it. Let’s make every day an Earth Day. Let’s join hands to make mother earth more secure and green for us to have healthy and long lives.


Faisalabad, April 20.