After the process of approval of nomination files, it was disappointing to hear the bitter truth on a few TV shows about how some big fish had managed to escape once again. It was even more taunting to see the media crying over spilt milk. While the ECP, judiciary and media were busy, in somehow making it impossible for the former President Pervez Musharraf to contest the election, they forgot some of the most corrupt feudal lords and capitalists that were staring them in the eye.

On one hand, the ROs were busy in humiliating articles 62 and 63 of the constitution by asking names of fruits from candidates, while on the other hand, the nomination papers of those candidates were being accepted, who were huge loan defaulters, who had never paid taxes for their big factories and petrol pumps, who had never paid their utility bills, and who had been corrupt parliamentarians, so what had all the drums and thunder been about? Although the scrutiny process has been completed, the judiciary is still in a position to enforce the spirit of article 62 and 63; however no judicial action regarding this issue has been taken. Perhaps they are busy in setting free the fake degree holders from jails, and in trying the well wishers of the country, in treason cases. If this biased attitude of the country's most important institutions continues, the nation will be overshadowed by clouds of despair there does not seem to be any spirit left in the continuous statement of ‘fair and free’ elections..


Karachi, April 16.