Thar consists of three union councils of Khipro Taluka which is spread over the east north of Sanghar district. Over 90% of the population is suffering from malnutrition because the people are dependent on livestock for their earning and food. Livestock breeders obviously require green pastures and fields in order to breed cattle and to be able to meet the need of the people. The growth of vegetation depends on rainfall in this region as no ruler thought of providing any canals to the area for irrigation.

I once read a book a long time ago about the struggle of the Jewish people to turn their land into fertile fields to meet the food requirement. Today Israel exports fruit and vegetables to the world. This came about because the leaders had the will to change the destiny of their nation.

The situation in Thar is worse because of lack of leaders, especially ex-president Asif Zardari (who belonged to Sindh) not caring for the welfare of the people. What they don’t understand is that, they will be questioned, on the ‘Day of Judgment’, for every death that has occurred in Thar! They will be questioned about the lavish meals they enjoy while the poor starved to death! I request the present government to take prompt action and remove misery from this area by providing staples and plans to make this a livable area.


Karachi, April 17.