Sadly, ours is a country where injustice, tyranny, oppression, systematic corruption, organized crime, exploitation, opacity, impunity and so many more evils exist. We also have socioeconomic, administrative, political and draconian ills and evils which have become perpetual and no sincere effort is being made to remove these ills and evils from our society.

I know many humanitarian people in this country who have spent all their lives fighting discrimination, injustice and violation of human rights. Indeed, no human being should be the target of prejudice, bias, or the object of vilification or be denied his or her basic rights as being done in our society. People are being deprived of their inalienable rights, educational, economic, health, career growth and promotions etc. rights under one pretense or another.

Indeed, of all the public institutions responsible for delivering justice, especially, our judiciary which is with an exclusive mandate, must become an institution of service for the people and also a crusader against discrimination and injustice in our society.


Islamabad, April 17.