42 more people needlessly lost their lives in a high speed collision between a bus and a tractor-trolley in Sukkur, Sindh. Accidents such as this and their alarming frequency makes them more than mere accidents, and reveals a serious lack of road safety on highways and roads all over Pakistan. Driving while adhering to the rules and road safety guidelines is seriously lacking, and the result of this carelessness is there for all to see. The drivers that drive recklessly not only endanger themselves, but those that are travelling with them, and all others on the road that encounter them. The bus that caused the collision was overloaded with passengers and crashed into a vehicle on the other side of the road after the driver lost control trying to overtake. The driver of the bus lost his life, along with 41 other people, with the trolley ripping through the entire length of the bus from the front to the back.

The problem starts with a lack of checks on the person behind the wheel and their ability to drive, and extends to an indifference on the part of highway authorities to crack down on the people that are a risk on the road. The idea behind granting a license for anything is that the holder is fully capable to handle the equipment specified on the document, and is fully aware of the safety instructions that pertain to it. In Pakistan, it is nothing more than a useless piece of plastic that is a means of validating even more recklessness than usual.

Having a license in Pakistan is also not always a necessity. The law requires that a fine of a paltry sum of Rs.500 be imposed on all those who drive without a license, and the law itself is a major part of the problem. Rs. 500 is hardly a serious preventative measure. Driving tests in Pakistan are useless as well, considering they do not teach anything about road safety and do not instil any sense of responsibility on those that are deemed fit to handle vehicles. Alongside this, overworked drivers working long and continuous shifts are allowed to take to the roads. A massive overhaul of traffic and highway control is needed, to ensure that carelessness on the roads is criminalized and the public is taught to fear the disastrous consequences of road accidents.