Our country is called an ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’, it has diversity, a large population, and its status is that of a developing country. Maybe that is why the implementation of ‘Human Rights’ has become impossible in this country? I see around me people who have forgotten the meaning of ‘human,’ let alone ‘Human Rights’. When we talk about ‘Human Rights’, we believe it to be freedom of speech, which only our media is practicing, the freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of association, but aren’t we actually forgetting something?

Isn’t the most important ‘right’ the ‘Right to Life,’ security of a person, safeguard against illegal arrest and detention, right to a fair trial, prohibition of slavery and forced labour, equality of citizens, right to education, and non-discrimination in respect to access to public places? Let’s get something right in this country even if we fail to provide ‘Human Rights’!


Karachi, April 17.