Going through Quaid’s speeches, I come to conclusion that Pakistan’s elected political executives, its paid police, armed forces, civil bureaucracy, intelligence and security apparatus and the foreign service are funded by tax payer for sole purpose to preserve and defend territorial integrity, enforce writ of state and constitution and protect lives and property of its citizens. But I am amazed that while Pakistan is engaged in a bloody war, which has caused loss of over sixty thousand precious lives, with vast areas ravaged by terrorism, with the state not yet having retained its jurisdiction on its own territory, our rulers with vast business interests and assets located abroad, have the tenacity of sending our sons to fight a war being fought far away in Yemen. Just look at Karachi where criminals and private militias have held hostage this city of over 2 hundred million people hostage and yet we can spare our men in uniform to enforce writ of another country, however friendly it may be, while our own house is on fire.


Peshawar, April 19.