S:     Why were you late?

A:     Well, I had to sit with my parents and then they wanted me to meet someone who came over and it just took time.

S:     But this lecture was important, you have been looking forward to coming to this talk for some time now.

A:     Yes, but I couldn’t very well say that to my parents.

S:     Why not? If they knew you had to be somewhere they wouldn’t have held you up.

A:     Well, they don’t like me going out in the evenings too often, and they think that the evenings should be spent with the family.

S:     But you’re working during the day. The rest of the work is for play.

A:     And relaxation, and that’s at home for my parents.

S:     Are they really strict about this?

A:     No, but they aren’t happy when I leave.

S:     Didn’t your sister also want to come to the talk? Where is she.

A:     She, um… she wasn’t given permission.

S:     It’s was an academic talk, at a university!

A:     Yes but it went on till ten. That’s past her curfew.

S:     Ameen. It’s like you live in the fourteenth century. She should be allowed to come out with her brother.

A:     Well. She is usually, but I would have to drop her home after and you’re my ride.

S:     So what? I would have dropped her home too.

A:     My parents don’t appreciate her mingling with my male friends.

S:     Oh for Gods sake Ameen…