With all the things happening around the world, the one news that caught my eye and gave me a chuckle was about the man who wore an abaya and sneaked into the women’s bathroom. This does occur in all parts of the world but this incident took place in Saudi Arabia. I mean, they are the ‘supposed’ pious keepers of morality and religion. They are also very stern with their punishments as well, which prove to be very good deterrents (or so I have been told numerous times by many many many – you get the idea – people.)

Reading on.

Holy Moly. This happened in a mosque! And not just in Saudi Arabia but in Makkah! The holiest city in the world (Vatican City and others have to stand in line for now.)

All the news items report that the man dressed up as a woman, went into the ablutions area in the bathroom and molested/harassed others. Either this guy is the dumbest guy in the world or is some evil genius. I mean who would think about ogling women in Holy Makkah itself and that too in a mosque.

He was caught obviously.

I am guessing that was because he went to his car still in the abaya. We all know that women are not allowed to drive in that country, and as he (or rather she) did not have a driver to drive her (or rather him), he sat down on the driver’s seat. Evidently, this resulted with every man, muttawa, and the Saudi satellites to take notice of him (or rather her).

So this whole incident disapproves the great big theory that women who are covered don’t get harassed. It has been disapproved a bazillion times before but for those who still remain unconvinced, this should be an eye opener. The problem lies with the harasser, not the harassee!

The man in question’s (let’s call him Al Herass) punishment is still being decided. One of the options is that he be sent to military school where he can learn to defend his country. Another is that he spend his time cleaning bathrooms. And last is that Al Herass be sent to jail, not for what he did, but rather for doing it in a mosque. I mean, harass all you want, that’s what women are there for, but a mosque is a holy place, you know.  You can kill people there, but harassing is no-no still.

I do wonder what would have happened if a woman had been the one who had dressed up as a man and gone into the men’s bathroom instead. I don’t think her punishment would even be up for discussion; she would have already been convicted and sent to jail for at least a decade with some lashes thrown in for glamor, I mean as a deterrent. I am actually surprised that the women that Al Herass harassed were not booked instead for being indecent in front of a man.

Two hours later, I am still wondering.