Islamabad - A nation cannot be imprisoned in the name of development. If any nation’s enslavement could have been extended or motionless by rhetoric of peace and progress, majority of nations including India would have still been wavering under the boots of colonial oppression.

This was stated by the chairperson Peace and Culture Organisation Mushaal Hussein Mullick while responding to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s recent statement in Jammu in which he called Indian Occupied Kashmir a “mini India” and also the statement of Indian FM Spokesperson Vikas Sawarop, in which he said that Kashmir is an integral part of India, says a press statement issued here.

She further said that talking peace and development is good but no nation could be permanently asked to remain slave in this name because this is against the basic human ethics and nature. And asking a nation to tolerate attacks on its self-respect, freedom, human rights and dignity in the name of peace, progress and development is not endurable as it is in contradiction with the human instinct of honour and self-respect. Referring to Indian freedom leader MK Ghandi, Mushaal said that once the British viceroy asked Ghandi Jee if India would attain freedom from British occupation, it would lose its progress and prosperity as it were the British who developed India and made it prosperous and it was only they who could ensure its development.

Ghandi Jee’s response was befittingly true that he would choose a weak and fragile free government of his own rather than a prosperous and wealthy colonial rule.

She said, “Our reply to Modi is identical that progress and prosperity will come and go but we Kashmiris will not surrender our pride and sacrifices for these worldly things as our battle is of identity not economy. Poverty is acceptable to us but we will not bear slavery and occupation over it.”

Modi should understand the fact that all roads in the direction of peace and prosperity go through resolution of Jammu & Kashmir issue and if he wants India to progress, he should have the courage to resolve Kashmir issue according to the wishes, sacrifices, struggle and aspirations of people of Jammu Kashmir.

Mushaal questioned the criminal silence of the international community over grave human rights violations in the territory. While condemning the anti-Kashmiri attitude of Indian media, Mushaal said that such is the bias of this media that they have started dubbing killing of five innocent Kashmiris at Kupwara as a consequence of unemployment. This is actually a ploy to divert attention from brutal killings by Indian forces and this ugly propaganda has been running for the last three decades. The educated, well settled and efficient young Kashmiris are lying their lives for a just cause and this propaganda has and will never succeed in defeating our spirit and passion for seeking freedom.

Indian leadership should remember that Kashmir is not internal matter or integral part of India but internationally recognised dispute and Kashmir dispute should be settled in the light of the United Nations’ resolutions and as per wishes of people of Kashmir.