There was good reason for the PML-N to celebrate the Supreme Court decision of the Panama case -- but only insofar that the Prime Minister retained his office, and his seat in the National Assembly. Yet, careful reading of the decision reveals little reason for the PML-N to keep celebrating.

With a stinging criticism of the premiere, his sons, and his defence, contained in the judgement, there is also the matter of the Court's just opprobrium with institutions of the FBR, FIA, and the NAB. In the judgement pages can be read clearly the court's frustration, and disgust, at the servile attitude of the officials of the organisations meant to check suspected financial wrongdoing.

The court also noted that for reasons best known to the defendants, they took no interest in the opportunity to once and for all clear their names of the allegations of corruption that have plagued them for decades now. Instead, there defence ensured that nothing was uncovered, no explanation was sufficient, and no money trail was established. Leaving the Court with no option but to seek further investigation through a JIT.

Yet, a JIT has a record of being an ineffective way of establishing guilt or wrongdoing. The Supreme Court's decision has been met with disappointment for this reason. There is a chance that once again we may be waiting for a historic announcement in 57 days, but in legal matters such as these, the path is long and tiring and the government may have more stamina than the opposition to see it to the end.

The Opposition has all demanded that the Prime Minister should step down until the JIT's investigation is complete. But until the Opposition can speak with one voice, the Prime Minister looks set to remain in his seat. Moral authority remaining or not, he has retained his office, and that may well be a decisive victory. No matter how damning the words reserved for him in the Court's judgement.