The verdict is out. Panama's pendulum is still vibrating over the nation's head. For the time being, the decision has managed to create a win-win situation for all stakeholders. There are multiple interpretations over the decision. Legal and political experts, at the moment, are at their best to manoeuvre the thoughts of people at large. Political point scoring is at its peak. But on the whole, the decision can be interpreted on three levels: legal, moral and political interpretations and implications.

The verdict comprises of 544 pages. It's a very detailed decision comprising of references to the best seller The Godfather and Plato's Republic. These 544 pages are well-authored and well-crafted as far as the very writing of the decision is concerned. Legally, it is yet to be saturated. Minority of judges in their dissecting notes chiseled out the decision against the Prime Minister. Others decided for further investigations. So, in the light of the decision of five judges of the superior court, a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) would be made to further probe into the realities of the allegations. Legally, an Apex court operates under Article 184 (3) and only considers questions of law. JIT would consider questions over the facts. Legally, it is expected that JIT would go to every possible extent in order to find each and every fact concerning the case. So, let's wait for another 60 days to have a complete legal decision crafted under facts.

At this point in time, the moral and political interpretations and implications of the decision matter the most. Some believe, democracy works on moral authority. David Cameron resigned because Brexit went against him, not directly but indirectly and it made him realize that he had lost his moral authority and he gave way to democracy. Similar precedents have been made in Brazil, Mexico and South Korea. But unfortunately, in our country this has never been the way of our higher officials. I believe, for the sake of the sanctity of the seat of Chief Executive and, in order to strengthen our fragile democracy, Nawaz Sharif must have stepped down. He should consider this seriously. It would be very instrumental for him and for his party. It would also make people believe in the findings of JIT. It would help in restoring people's confidence in rule of law.

Politically, 2017 is important for every political party. Elections are knocking on the door. Political parties have already started their campaigns. Political players are keen in using Panama issue for their own purposes. The sensitivity of Panama issue has already ignited blame game. Political players are looking for their friends and striving to work against their enemies. Opposition is expected to have a grand alliance against the ruling party.

At the moment, uncertainty is prevailing in the country, which is not a good thing for our nation’s progress. Amidst the hype of elections, the delayed justice wouldn't serve the purposes of democracy. Psychologically, the nation needs a rest. A clear cut decision should come as soon as possible in order to restore the image of our country internationally. Let’s hope for the best, let’s work for the best. Long live Pakistan.