In Sindh, SPSC is supposedly the only recruitment body of the civil servants, but unfortunately since last four years, it has skewed rules which lack merit. Hence, dubious results seem to be stemmed. Undoubtedly, this has obliterated candidates’ four years so far.

The SC, which is accredited to delve into the matter, descried the illegalities in the CCE 2013 exam and consequently held the Chairman with five members —- who handled the commission amiss —- on the hook and ultimately they had to tender their and hence the results were declared nullified when many absurdities were dug up ie clerical errors in papers were found; candidates’ marks were concealed; during paper checking, roll numbers were not kept secret; marks were indivisible among interviewers’ panel etc..

This is further grounded when a candidate who failed all CSS papers except one optional paper with very low marks seem to be among the top five candidates of CCE.

The SC’s decision by and large is welcomed wholeheartedly as it will ensure merit in the future

After the verdict, the candidates who have been infuriated need not worry to re-appear as they can beat the exams again with their competency.

For efficacy of the commission and transparency, SPSC needs to be run independently by stymieing the political influence; secondly, it must conduct re-exams at once and accelerate the recruitment process; thirdly, it has to line up with the other public service commissions like FPSC and PPSC. Hopefully, it would flourish merit that mend this huge waste of time thereafter.


Hyderabad, April 2.