SIALKOT-The 80th death anniversary of Allama Iqbal was observed in his native city Sialkot on Saturday.

The day dawned with special prayers in the mosques for the peace, national integrity, prosperity and development. Quran Khawani was also held at Iqbal Manzil in which a large number of people from all walks of life participated. They also offered Fateha for the eternal peace of Allama Iqbal.

The people of Sialkot paid homage to Dr Allama Iqbal, the poet of The East, while visiting the 159 years old Iqbal Manzil, his birthplace at Sialkot.

The death anniversary of Dr. Allama Iqbal was observed in his native city Sialkot to acknowledge his services for getting a separate homeland for the Muslims of subcontinent. The people also laid floral wreaths at the graves of his parents and other family members in Imam Sahib Graveyard Sialkot city.

Meanwhile, Bazm-e-Iqbal Sialkot held a memorial reference at Iqbal Manzil Sialkot. Addressing the participants, Shamim Khan Lodhi, the president of Bazm-e-Iqbal Sialkot, Syed Riaz Hussain Naqvi, its caretaker, and Prof Ejaz Butt highlighted various aspects of his poetry, philosophy, vision and personality.

They said that Allama Iqbal was a visionary poet who conceived the idea of separate homeland for the Muslims of the Subcontinent that was ultimately materialised in the shape of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He stressed a need to follow the teachings of Allama Iqbal to retrieve the country from the challenges it was facing. The expert on Iqbaliyat Prof Khawaja Ejaz Butt said that the teachings of Iqbal are beacon for the entire world, in the current circumstances.

Addressing the participants of a symposium on Iqbaliyat held at Govt College Women University (GCWU) Sialkot, Vice Chancellor Farhat Saleemi said that there was a great imagination of action, ethics and spiritualism in Iqbal's poetry. She said that Allama Iqbal wanted to see the human's development through the way of selfhood or Khudi.