Recently, the annual examinations of SSC are continuing in Sindh. It is disheartening to see that students are going in examination halls with books in their hands and mobiles in their pockets. Question papers are leaking out of halls during examination. The practice of changing seating arrangements becomes a routine matter. Accommodating some candidates in special halls to facilitate them has also been noticed. 

Education is the basic instrument that elegances the human personality. It is ill-fated that the education system of Sindh is masked by numerous factors that hamper its growth in the right direction. Among many other factors, the copying is the most dangerous, which has destroyed the very core of our education system. The culture of copying is proliferating in Sindh day by day. Students, who copy, not only ruin themselves but also the whole nation. 

There should be special monitoring team to control the threat of copy culture in the ongoing annual examinations of SSC. All examination halls must be sealed off as for as outsiders are concerned. Moreover, supporters inside the examination centers should be tracked down and hauled up. Copy culture is the direct outcome of bad supremacy and it could not be recovered unless the rulers improve their style of supremacy and take serious steps against political favoritism. I hope this time some serious measures will be taken so as to save the young generation from being stuck into the dilemma of copy culture. 


Jamshoro, March 27.