Apropos reports that thousands of government employees, who enjoy perks like allotment of plots at subsidized rates, lifelong health benefits etc and hold posts where policies deciding fate of 200 million citizens hold dual nationalities is shocking. This explains how Billions of US Dollars are being smuggled out, rampant money laundering and rise in corruption, yet nobody gets caught, nor do relevant government departments arrest culprits.

In a country where unemployment haunts millions, why should Pakistan give jobs to those who have pledged to ‘absolutely and entirely renounce all allegiance and fidelity to any ‘state or sovereignty of whom, or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen’. This is oath of citizenship for USA and other countries whose nationality thousands of serving government officers have taken.

Pakistan is isolated diplomatically today because Foreign Service is dominated by foreign nationals. Ever wonder why State Bank, National Bank, PSO, OGRA, SECP, CAA etc fail to curtail corruption. Aviation Division has 34 out of 210 recently identified government employees who concealed their foreign nationalities. No wonder dual nationals employed in PIA and CAA are preferred for promotion and foreign postings, recruitment as pilots etc because they aid in facilitating flight of capital. No coincidence that 280 out of 650 PIA pilots are with preferred affiliations holding foreign nationality. It should also explain why Establishment Division, FIA and other sensitive agencies are hesitant to disclose those holding foreign passports; and why every Grade 18 or above government employee whose wife is expecting a male child, is facilitated in getting leave, or temporary foreign posting, or scholarship to facilitate gynecologist fee on state expense and a foreign passport for their son.


Peshawar, March 27.