Human rights activists fall on the disadvantageous side of the spectrum in Pakistan. There is strict scrutiny of the kind of content that they produce and the causes that they take up. Many a times, if their narrative does not fall in line with the status quo, they are often threatened into giving up those causes in the name of the national interest of the country. The fact that the house of the editor of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) annual report “State of Human Rights”, Maryam Hasan’s house was casually broken into is a cause of great concern.

These individuals go to extreme lengths to compile data on the conditions in Pakistan and highlight some of the intrinsic issues plaguing the country at large. In the latest Human Rights report, it is being highlighted that despite promises of freedom, the country is one of the worst when it comes to human rights issues. This statement alone should alert individuals in the country and this should make them realise that if basic human rights are not being guaranteed, the chances of other problems being addressed is a far-fetched idea.

This is not the first time any group tried to threaten a human rights activist in Pakistan. Since they pick and point out the most sensitive of issues, they often come under the spotlight and can also be labelled as anti-Pakistan or in plain language, traitors. However one thing that must be understood here is that these causes are picked up because they are affecting lives of individuals in Pakistan. The reason why the HRCP was formed was to guarantee basic rights and bring forth the problems to the attention of the concerned authorities. However if they will be intimidated in the process, this will prevent them from doing their job.

Harassment of human rights activists is a serious concern. If all concerned voices in the nation will be snubbed, there will be no representation of the common law in the polity. Serious measures should be taken to ensure that the culprits behind this debacle are caught as soon as possible, and also that such an incident does not take place again. This was certainly a minor threat, if it goes beyond this, it is no secret that things will become problematic.