There is no doubt that Pakistan is an Islamic Country whose purpose is always in mind to maintain Islam’s notion on the topmost. Similarly, Pakistan will process the entire format, which helps him to maintain the Islamic assumption to help every human being unless the state is eligible to support him or her. Hence, it is whiter than whitely clear that until Pakistan takes a positive action for Afghanistan, unless peace is a contrivance for Afghan people.

While According To US, officials Pakistan can play the role of an elder brother in order to aid the Islamic state of Afghanistan to maintain peace forever. Likewise, history is also the wetness of Pakistan that whenever Afghanistan got troubles than their Afghan Govt firstly could judge Pakistan in the front line of helpers. In 1979 when Russia’s conspiracy was almost confirmed to capture Afghanistan, then here not just Pakistan secure Afghan territory and welcomed 3 lakhs Afghan Mujahedeen so that they could be saved in Pakistan.

Moreover, the recent comments of Donald Trump claimed to say that Pakistan should help the US to prevent 17 years’ war in Afghanistan. It is the fact of history that Pakistan is the only Country who has lost above than 70 thousand precious lives in order that Afghan peace vision should turn in reality. Finally, the friendship with Afghanistan will be constantly obligatory where Pakistan will be trying his best to make Afghanistan a peaceful Country.


Turbat, April 2.