The road leading from G T Road to Tarbella Dam has perpetually remained in a state of disrepair. This road not only leads to the largest dam, which is the major source of power generation in the country. The same road caters to traffic for Haripur and Swabi in District Mardan.

Moreover, all vehicular movement to prestigious Ghulam Ishim Khan University of Science and Technology (GIKI) pertain to the same route. The main problem is that numerous causeways that exist on this road to accommodate run of water remain pitted round the year. Since I have been a frequent traveler to Tarbella, I can safely vouch that this narrow road with heavy traffic plying on it is most hazardous to travel on. Road feeding the largest water dam, which is the pride of the country, should have had at least four lanes to accommodate the pressure of the long-body vehicles as well as the movement of light vehicles. In some cases, the government policy is most lopsided and G T Road to Tarbella road is one such traffic artery that has remained ignored for years. The road used for transporting materials for maintenance of the huge dam by itself should have been a wide and well-maintained thoroughfare instead of a picture of neglect.


Lahore, April 2.