We are a nation too naïve to be hoodwinked by politicians repeatedly. For example, people of Sindh have been voting for PPP, but the party has done nothing for the province. Fifty percent of the population still lives below the poverty line. During the past ten years, while in power the party could not provide good governance or anything that resembles governance. The party also ruled Balochistan and in 2013 announced “Aghaz Development of Balochistan.” However, during its tenure, the plan did not see the light of the day and the funds succumbed to corruption.

The PMLN though better than PPP in some ways did betray the people for a self-serving purpose. It held power in Punjab as well as center and created aisles of prosperity in certain areas of Punjab, unfortunately at the cost of backward areas. They ruthlessly spent a major portion of funds on projects close to their hearts to fetch votes in urban Punjab. In the 2013 election, people of the ignored areas did not burden them with a mandate. PTI, the party in power seems no different. Our PM made tall claims while in opposition and made fun of govt policies at those times is following the same path. Worst is that none of the parties seems to care for people and still claims to be the rightful saviors of the people of Pakistan. For example, despite their failures, both PPP and PMLN have started campaigns to appease people with renewed bridges. Chairman PPP led a train march against the federal government from Karachi to Larkana and addressed people at every railway station saying that his party would provide amenities of life, and employment to youngsters and houses to shelter fewer people. Nobody dared to confront him with a question who hindered his party to translate past promises into reality.

The Pakistan Muslim League is also signing songs of the courage of their leader to say no to America. All these measures are to distract masses suffering from high inflation and unemployment. Most worrisome, the ruling party is not realizing the true gravity of the situation and tends to blame everything on past rulers. It is about time that the ruling party and opposition members need to create consensus and introduce development projects for the benefit of future generations. People also need to use little sense to choose between good and bad and hold the politicians for their word.


Islamabad, April 2.