ISLAMABAD- Improv Shimprov – a fresh episode of an Urdu improvisational show by Theatre Wallay entertained the fun lovers of twin cities here late Saturday night with a comedy theater.

Improvisational theater, also called improv, is almost always comedic in nature.

All scenes created on stage are unplanned and unscripted; the performers collaboratively create a story and scene spontaneously. In the performance titled “Improv Shimprov II”, the performers also created scenes based on audience suggestions involving audience in healthy activities that included laughter and ideas sharing.

The show was dedicated to Improv Guru – Jim Robinson – who came to Pakistan twice and conducted training sessions for Theatre Wallay team.


The performers showed him how they are practicing what they learned from Jim Robinson, this fresh episode had a fresh and trained team.

Theatre Wallay is a non-commercial group of artists with a passion for theatre and literature. Active in Islamabad since 2005, Theatre Wallay has put up many performances of plays hailing from world literature. The group is also involved in ‘Theatre for Social Change’ projects and works to promote the use of creative expression as a tool for empowerment and critical dialogue.

The event was aimed at bringing quality event for entertainment and discourse to the twin cities.