LAHORE     -       Punjab Governor Ch Mohammad Sardar on Sunday gave his assent to Aab-e-Pak Authority Bill, thereby paving the way for establishment of a water authority to provide clean drinking water to people of Punjab.

Punjab Assembly had passed this bill a month back but it got stuck in Speaker’s office for political reasons.

Ch Parvez Elahi finally decided to send it to the Chief Minister on Sunday who in turn sent it to the Governor for his signatures.

Governor Punjab Mohammad Sarwar will be patron in chief of authority.

According to details, Punjab Aab e Pak Authority will provide clean drinking water to 110 million people of Punjab. Authority will install water filtration plants across Punjab and Water filtration plants will also be installed in Jails, Hospitals, and Universities.

According to the statistics released by the Governor’s office, around 80 million people are deprived of clean drinking water in Punjab while 1.1 million die every year by drinking contaminated water. In Lahore alone, 0.2 million children are brought to Children Hospital every year for treatment of water-borne diseases. Likewise, 50 per cent people are admitted in hospitals for water related diseases.