ISLAMABAD            -            The handing-over of ventilators which have been procured by NDMA, is still not decided by the authorities

as they remain uncertain about its distribution across the country. So far, the authorities have been able to procure only 40 to 50 ventilators from abroad mainly CHINA.

Adding these procured ventilators, Pakistan has managed to increase the number of ventilators

up to thirty-five hundred which is still very less.   Apart from this, the authorities are also concerned about the possible fall in the supply of the additional ventilators ordered by Pakistan from China following the shortage of ventilators and their increased demand

throughout the world.Talking exclusively with The Nation, an official of NDMA on condition of anonymity revealed that almost

40 to 50 ventilators have so far been procured but their distribution is yet to be decided. The official explained that the distribution of these ventilators will be decided upon their requirement and need in the future coming days. At this time, the critical patients of covid-19 in Pakistan

are only a little less than 50 and all of these patients

are on ventilators, the official said. Out of the total ventilators only 50 ventilators are being used for the covid19 patients who are critical at the time. The official explained that the demand of ventilators

across the world is high, and believed that the arrival

of additional ventilators from