Increasing crime in children


I am writing to your esteemed self to express my deep concern over the increasing crime among children. The incidents of thefts, kidnapping, jewelry and purse snatching, mobile snatching, eve-teasing are on the increase. There is an atmosphere of insecurity and fear in the entire locality. No resident dares to go out after the dark. The most worrying factor is most of these crimes are being done by teenagers. These crimes are the fallout of their unregulated and unmonitored overexposure to the internet.

It really pains to see young children being caught by police. Quite ironically, they belong to families with a respectable background. Being elders it is our moral responsibility to prevent the youngsters from going astray. This is nothing but the effect of their exposure to violence on TV and the internet. The schools, the parents, and the government must come together to solve this problem. I have decided to bring the attention of the concerned authorities to the problem through the medium of your esteemed newspaper.




Best Quarantine


Today, I pinned this letter for my bored quarantined global fellows. Following social media, I became aware of that, most of the people are getting bored. So here are the recommendations for enjoyment. Dears start reading, develop reading habits by starting weightless booklets, sarcasm and book of yours’ interest. As all are available on the internet. Just in a few days, you will be at home with this habit. It will not only accompany you till the end, but it will also insert vision and wisdom. With the passage your mind will start saving it, so do not try to memorise anything in the beginning, just read.

Now you think how long we can read, as I heard, how long we can use cell phones and the internet. For the rest of the time you can also play indoor games; chess ludo etc. So make your boring quarantine the best days by adding these and many more things in your routine.



Salute is not enough


The nation is lauding the efforts being made by the doctors and paramedical staff in providing medical treatment and saluting them because of their good deeds but unfortunately, to say doctors are not having such sources like masks, test kits, medical protective clothes and due to the unavailability of these things they are losing their precious lives. Additionally, to say that by showing or waving white flags we can not help them and this is the time to contribute them practically. So as a brave nation we must come in front of showing our patriotism with passion then it will be proved that we are united to compete with coronavirus.