IRSA releases 126,700 cusecs water

ISLAMABAD - The Indus River System Authority (IRSA) Tuesday released 126,700 cusecs water from various rim stations with inflow of 163,700 cusecs. According to the data released by IRSA, water level in the Indus River at Tarbela Dam was 1479.40 feet, which was 93.40 feet higher than its dead level 1386 feet. Water inflow in the dam was recorded as 31,300 cusecs and outflow as 15,000 cusecs. The water level in the Jhelum River at Mangla Dam was 1200.35 feet, which was 160.35 feet higher than its dead level of 1040 feet whereas the inflow and outflow of water was recorded as 53,300 cusecs and 32,600 cusecs respectively. The release of water at Kalabagh, Taunsa and Sukkur was recorded as 71,700, 77,600 and 20,900 cusecs respectively. Similarly, from the Kabul River a total of 53,000 cusecs of water was released at Nowshera and 9,700 cusecs released from the Chenab River at Marala.

Agri dept provides cotton seed on subsidised rates

FAISALABAD - The agriculture department was supplying cotton seed of different varieties to growers on subsidized rates during current year. The seed was available with Punjab Seed Corporation for Rs 1000 per bag for 200,000 acres. A spokesperson of agriculture department said here Tuesday that cotton growers should keep number of cotton plants from 17,500 to 20,000 per acres and distance between plants should be 9 to 12 inches.He asked the farmers that land selected for cotton crop should be fertile and the fields should be properly ploughed.

He said that following BT varieties of cotton –IUB-13, FH-142, MNH-886, NAYYAB-878, BS-15, and non BT varieties Nayab Kiran should be cultivated during April 21 to May 31. The growers should cultivate other varieties of cotton seeds according to the area, soil, availability of water after consulting with local field staff of agriculture department.

The spokesperson said that along with BT varieties, 10 percent land should be brought under non BT varieties cultivation so that resistance power against possible attack of insects on BT varieties could be enhanced. He said that 6-8 kg seed should be applied per acre, if growth rate is 75 percent.