KABUL  - Seven international troops including three Poles and three Canadians have been killed in Afghanistan over the last 24 hours, a military source said Thursday. News of the latest casualties came as French President Nicolas Sarkozy conducted a tribute ceremony in Paris for 10 French troops killed in an ambush near Kabul three days before. The three Canadians were killed in a roadside blast, while doing reconnaissance on Wednesday, its military said in a televised briefing Thursday. The soldiers were combat engineers on patrol in the Zhari district of southern Afghanistan when an improvised explosive device detonated near their vehicle at 10:30 am (0630 GMT) Wednesday, said Brigadier-General Denis Thompson. Another wounded soldier is in serious but stable condition in hospital, Thompson added. Also Wednesday, three Polish troops also attached to the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) were killed in similar circumstances in the central province of Ghazni. One coalition soldier under US command, whose nationality has not been identified, was killed by gunfire in western Afghanistan, also on Wednesday. The eighth died "outwith combat operations" in the east of the country, the military said. More than 30 militants were also killed in fighting in Afghanistan, military forces said Thursday, in the latest in weeks of intense attacks that have raised concern about deteriorating security. The rebels were killed Wednesday after air strikes were called in to respond to an attack on troops operating in Laghman province, which adjoins the Sarobi area where 10 French soldiers died on Monday, the US-led coalition said. A doctor in the Laghman capital, Mihtarlam, said a child died en route to hospital and the body was in the facility. About 20 wounded people were treated in the hospital including an elderly man, four children and eight women, surgeon Asadullah Rauf told AFP. The other wounded were adult males, he said.