It is seven years since the war against terror began. Pakistan joined this war after 9\\11 because we wanted peace and stability in the world. But today Pakistan is facing raging fires in its tribal areas. A general view about the militants is that they are taking the revenge against Pakistanis for supporting US against their own Muslim brothers in Afghanistan. That view, though, needs to be examined seriously. After all, what benefit is being provided to our brothers in Afghanistan by destruction of girls' schools in Swat? The militants claim they want to enforce 'Shariah' in they country. But what kind of Shariah mandates destruction of girls' schools. Islam, after all, is not against education of women. By destroying public property, they are actually only creating a serious problem of employment for the local population and depleting their only source of income, tourism. These people are acting as the enemies of Pakistan and they have the support from our enemies to create disharmony in the country. These militants are giving way to our enemy to enter our country and that might turn out to be a great challenge to our national security. -SIDRA YOUNIS, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, August 7.