FEDERAL Minister and PPP leader Khurshid Shah has said that a resolution about reinstatement of the deposed judges would be tabled in the National Assembly, as his party believes in the supremacy of the Parliament. "The PPP wants to discuss every issue including reinstatement of the judges in the Parliament", he said.   Talking to a private TV channel on Thursday, the minister said it has been decided that the issue of the judges would be discussed in the House. He said that the leadership of ANP and JUI-F agreed on tabling the resolution in the House and negotiations with PML-N in this regard were underway. APP adds: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Sherry Rehman underlined the need for putting in collective efforts by every segment of the society to effectively combat the menace of terrorism. Speaking in a private television programme, she strongly condemned the recent incidents of terrorism, which claimed several innocent lives. She said the wave of terrorism did not take birth yesterday, rather it is a problem since Pakistan put in all its resources in the Afghan war. She vowed to 'roll back' terrorism and stabilise economy of the country and said the government was committed to working for welfare of the masses. Sherry said Pakistan Peoples Party was itself a victim of terrorism as its Chairperson Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was martyred in an act of terrorism. Commenting on the judiciary issue, the minister said JUI-F and ANP had sought some time to look into the matter as these parties were of the view that they were not consulted and involved in drafting of the Murree Declaration by the two major parties, PPP and PML-N. PPP wanted to take all coalition partners along to settle the issue of judiciary, she said, adding, there was no disagreement among the ruling alliance. She said in a day or two a unanimous resolution by the ruling alliance with regard to reinstatement of deposed judges would be drafted for tabling in the Parliament. The minister said, process to elect new President will move forward after announcement of the election schedule by the Election Commission. She said, the central executive committee of PPP would meet today (Friday) to discuss various issues including election of the new President. To another question she said, Charter of Democracy being a comprehensive document was solution to all the main problems. The minister dispelled the impression that there will be no stability in the country after the resignation of Pervez Musharraf. She said, the coalition government is capable enough to handle any kind of problem. The Minister said, former President Pervez Musharraf has been sent home in a bloodless movement and without bringing people on the road. She said, all the institutions remained neutral in the move to oust former President Pervez Musharraf and it is a great victory for the government. She said, the government is committed to restore the deposed judges adding that is why the number of the judges had been increased in the Finance Bill in consultation with PML-N. Sherry Rehman said, PPP believed in the independence of judiciary as it could ensure rule of law in the country. To a question she said, the parliament being a supreme body would decide about the indemnity to former President. PPP does not believe in the politics of victimisation and revenge, the Information Minister added.