ISLAMABAD  - Argentina is an old friend of Pakistan and the former is keen to further boost and strengthen its bilateral relations including trade for the mutual benefit of the people of the two countries. "The Economic and Commercial section of the Embassy of the Argentine Republic is strongly committed to improving the level of bilateral trade and to find new business possibilities with Pakistan", Ambassador of Republic of Argentina to Pakistan, Rodolfo J Martin Saravia told APP in an interview here Thursday. The Ambassador said that Pakistani businessmen are always invited to visit Argentina to develop new trade contacts. The Ambassador added that the sale of Pakistani textile to Argentina be they simple fibers or expensive branded clothes, has been growing steadily. Quality and competitive prices have turned these products into favourite of Argentine buyers, who value the "Made in Pakistan" imprint, he remarked. He added that Pakistan's sports good are also stand high on the list of products preferred by people of Argentineans customers. "The presence of Pakistan exporters in the Argentine market has also made itself felt in the medical and deontological instruments", he added. He further said that many Argentine companies have turned from German to Pakistan suppliers of the products. He added that his country ranks first among CNG users in the world and it is the major producer and exporter of CNG cylinders, car kits, CNG station compressors and dispensers. He further said that Argentine CNG companies are also equipping trucks and buses. He added that sales of Argentinean CNG equipments to Pakistan have risen to US $ 2.34 million in the first trimester of 2008. The Ambassador Rodolfo J Martin Saravia said that an Argentinean company, Argentoil SA has decided to invest in Pakistan for the local production of the cylinders. He added that partner for this joint venture is Wah Industries Limited, the commercial branch of the largest and the most important industrial company of Pakistan. The new joint venture, he said envisages the construction of a plant in the Wah area, the transfer of top of line technology, and the local production of CNG cylinders for motors vehicles and filling stations. The Ambassador added that in the second semester of 2008 a pharmaceutical plant in Lahore at a cost of US $ 10 million would be inaugurated to produce medicines to treat cancer and hepatitis. This project, he said would be a product of joint venture between the Argentinean Pharmaceutical company "LaboratorsiosBago" and Pakistan's Ferozesons Laboratories". This Pak-Argentine Joint Venture would help people of Pakistan access to cheaper medicines as well as to reduce foreign imports of those essential products. He added that Pakistan manufacturers are also keen user of Argentine laminated steel, seamed and seamless pipes for the hydrocarbons industry and his country is currently the main provider of these types of products.