LAHORE - The SHO Iqbal Town Police Station Riaz Abbas was the main target of the suicide bomber that claimed 11 lives at Moon Market on August 13 of this month, TheNation learnt reliably on Thursday. A senior police officer who was conducting investigations of the Moon Market suicide blast, disclosed that the suicide incident had strong links with the criminals arrested in Premier Money Changer dacoity of Rs10 million. A team of Iqbal Town police headed by the SHO Riaz Abbas had arrested four criminals including a notorious criminal Muney Khan, a resident of district Kasur. The arrested felons involved in the dacoity had disclosed very important information about their association with terrorists. Police had also recovered booty Rs07m from their possession during interrogation, he said. The police officer claimed that the criminal Muney Khan had links with a terrorists' organisation operating in Afghanistan. "A few days before the Moon Market suicide blast, the SHO received a threat call at his cell phone. The caller asked the SHO for the release of the accused Muney Khan threatening him that he (caller) had a network of militants who are used to carry out suicide blasts in different parts of the country (Pakistan)", the caller threatened the SHO. He again warned the SHO giving a time period for the release of arrested accused Muney Khan and his other accomplices. Meanwhile, the police officer said, a suicide blast occurred which claimed lives of 11 people including in charge investigation Iqbal Town police station Sub-Inspector Jaffar Baloach. He said that both the Incharge Investigation Jaffar Baloach and the SHO Iqbal Town police station Riaz Abbas had short beard. The bomber who appeared with explosive material targeted Jaffar Baloach thinking him as the SHO Iqbal Town from his (deceased) short beard. This has been confirmed from another threatening call that the SHO Riaz Abbas has again received a few days after the suicide attack. the police officer said adding that the unidentified caller threatened him saying, " You have luckily survived and in next attack there is no chances of your survival". The investigation officer said that after the new threat call, security of the SHO has been beefed up to avoid any untoward incident. He said that Afghanistan was the origin of the unidentified caller when a sensitive agency traced the cell phone number through special devices. To a query, the police officer said that the arrested criminal, Muney Khan has strong links with a militant organization operating in Afghanistan and suicide attack was carried out to bar the city police from conducting interrogation on this line. When asked about the arrested accused, he said that all the four criminals including main accused Muney Khan have been shifted to an undisclosed place for more interrogations.