ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has the highest rate of breast cancer in any Asian population with 40,000 deaths per year, which is alarming. Approximately one out of nine Pakistani women is likely to suffer from breast cancer at some point of life. This was stated by a renowned doctor and Principal of Medical Officer Kokab Jabeen on Thursday while delivering a lecture on 'Breast cancer awareness' at International Islamic University Islamabad Women Campus. The lecture was organised in collaboration with Pink Ribbon Campaign. She said unfortunately, very little information on breast cancer is available in Pakistan and only cases at very advanced stage are reported. "Breast cancer is a dreadful disease but it can be cured if it is detected at an early stage. The chances of such patients of survival are more than 90 percent, which is possible only when women are made aware of symptoms and other infirmities of this fatal disease. Change in bowel and bladder habit, a scar that does not heal, unusual bleeding or discharge, thickening or lump in breast are alarming signs that needs a proper check up". Dr Kokab said that two minutes self examines could protect from this horrifying nightmare and national media can play a vital role in spreading knowledge about the disease.