KARACHI - The deplorable condition of public transport, especially of buses in the metropolis, appears to have become a mockery with the commuters. Out of a population of over 1.6 million people in Karachi, 75 percent of the general public travels through public transport. The pathetic condition of buses, rude attitude of conductors and over-loading puts thousands of the commuters in great distress and mental torture. A brief survey by The Nation showed that the major problem, facing by local people, is the deplorable condition of buses. Hundreds of buses have broken windowpanes and other parts are seen plying on the city roads. The public transport in Karachi is being run by private sector that, due to insufficient number of buses, is unable to meet the demands of general public. During strikes it becomes very difficult to find buses on the roads. Owing to cheaper fares, people prefer the bus service but during such conditions it is also not accessible for them. The passengers have complained about the same problem umpteen times demanding the government to introduce modern means of transportation, especially with low fares. They have also demanded a decrease in the fares, especially for people who travel on longer routs, in order to provide a relief to them. They are of the view that due to higher fares, they cannot use rickshaws and taxis. "The government should take action against these 'thugs, commented Mrs Shaheen Syed, a passenger while altercating with a taxi driver on fare. Inadequate public transport is not the only the problem, rash driving, over-loading and objectionable and rude behaviour of bus conductors is another major complaint of the commuters. "They drive violently so that it is no longer safe to travel in these buses", says Hina Ahmad, adding that people have no alternative to get rid of this nasty situation.