ISLAMABAD - US is responsible for the current deteriorating security situation in the country, as its so-called 'war against terrorism' has harmed us to an unimaginable extent. US intentions towards Muslims countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran are causing unrest among the Muslims across the world, said Former Ambassador Rustam Shah Mehmand. He was speaking at a seminar: 'Five Years of NATO presence in Afghanistan and its Implications for the Region', organised by Institute of Policy Studies Islamabad (IPS) here on Thursday. Other speakers stressed over US that it must ensure quick exist of its forces from the Muslims countries including Afghanistan and Iraq. They urged the government to reconsider its policy in the war against terrorism. Director General IPS, Khalid Rehman in his welcome address thanked the experts. Dr Shireen Mazari was prominent speaker while Akram Zaki was charring the event. Rustam Shah Mehmand while highlighting the US intentions towards the Pakistan said that US want to destabilize a Muslim nuclear state. He blamed that US forces in Afghanistan did nothing except serving the vested interests of the US. He said that Pakistan received $ 10.5 billion from the US but its repercussions could be observed all over the county. Rustam said that country's sovereignty was at stake as several times US jets violated Pakistan air space. Owing to US presence in Afghanistan lawlessness, insecurity and insurgency prevailed everywhere in the country, which divided the society in many factions. He further observed that separatists' movements in the country emerged and institutions of the country weakened. "Military domination over political forces further weakened the country", he maintained. While mentioning the 9/11 Commission Report, he noted that the attack was planned in Germany; all accused belonged to outside South and Central Asian States but US under a well-planned conspiracy against this region entered its forces in Afghanistan. He blamed that US desire to reach the Central Asian States, rich in energy sources, was the major reason behind the war on terror. He maintained that US objectives in the ongoing war against terrorism were destruction of four major Islamic states including Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq, as these countries might be emerged as big threat to Israel's security and would have become the hurdle in way of Zionist US hegemonic design. He was of the view that despite the immense resources, technology and weapons US and its allied could not be succeeded to achieve its goals. He suggested that Pakistan government must bring the matter in Parliament and must reconsider its policy. Dr Shireen Mazari addressing on the occasion said that NATO has no legitimacy to attack out side the European region. He claimed that no UNO resolution was there to allow the NATO to attack over Afghanistan. NATO has turned into a 'Collective Security Organisation' rather than Collective Defence Organisation to replace the UNO. She observed that NATO was loosing war in Afghanistan and it started the blame game in the region. She blamed that US wants to bring India in Afghanistan to destabilize our country. During question answering session an Indian woman commented that India has no ill intentions towards Pakistan. "India is an independent country and we are not playing on the behest of someone else. "There is need to build trust, as I am optimistic that the day will come when India and Pakistan, two major players in the region, would succeed to trust each other", she observed.