The present conditions in Pakistan are shocking for every Pakistani. The so-called torchbearers of Islam are now infiltrating into Southern Punjab to enforce their version of Islam. According to one report, Khalid Masood, the Amir of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, has posted a decree to all those dealing in music CDs, net-cafes and cable networks to close down their businesses. They have been given 15 days to stop their activities or face the consequences. The question arises why has this so-called Islamic revolutionary not passed a decree against the suicide attacks? Doesn't Islam stop one from killing the innocents? These militants are burning schools, demolishing basic health centers and bridges. They have no other objective but to destroy the socio-economic infrastructure of Pakistan. They are not believers of Islam rather they are misleading people in the name of Islam. -MARYAM AZIZ, Jhelum, via e-mail, August 7.