ERIC Bana insists he wont be leaving his native Australia for the bright lights of Hollywood. The Aussie actor says hed prefer to live Down Under and continue traveling to work. I have to travel a lot. But if I lived in London, or I lived in LA, I would spend 70 percent of the time traveling back to Australia for holidays when Im not working, Bana said. So, really, it makes the most sense to me to just keep living where you live, and travel for work. Its as simple as that, you know? I mean, youve got to live somewhere. You may as well live at home. Eric, 41, recently revealed that he doesnt take seriously his status as a sex symbol. Its about 20 years too late says Bana, who has been married to former actress Rebecca Gleeson for 12 years. -SS It wouldve been fun while I was at school or when I was 20 but its not something I take seriously. -SS