KARACHI - The financial and constitutional experts have emphasised for complete provincial autonomy with judicious distribution of the resources key to keep alive the federation of Pakistan. They were speaking at a seminar Friday titled 'Equitable distribution of Finances under National Finance Commission of Pakistan. The moot was jointly organised by Sindh Democratic Forum (SDF) and Faculty of Social Science and Economics of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutti Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST) at its auditorium. They also criticised on the present mechanism of the distribution of sources under NFC. A big number of retired bureaucrats, civil society activists and students of the ZABIST attended the seminar. Former Federal Secretary and Chief Economist of Sindh Fazullah Qureshi in his speech came hard against the present provision of NFC award and unveiled the injustices with smaller provinces in terms of resources distribution. He also criticised the Terms of References (TORs) of present NFC in which an issue of royalty of natural gas and oil has been handed over to National Finance Commission for consideration because this forum has concern with this matte and it fully relates with Council of Common Interest. He made it clear that we must not keep much hope from the anticipated NFC award under democratic government led by PPP and said that in case of minor change in the current resource distribution formula among provinces, the Sindh will get only about Rs14 billion additional. Quoting the Constitution of Pakistan, he said that distribution of resources among provinces does not fall under the domain of National Finance Commission. Mr Qureshi said that in comparison of 1973 constitution, the constitutions of 1956 and 1962 were more pro provinces as provincial and financial autonomy were suggested for provinces. He pointed out that Punjab would agree to give 10 per cent place to other factors in the multi-factor formula of the resource distribution among the provinces. Qureshi said that mult-ifactor formula for upcoming NFC award and devolution of sales tax to provinces is necessary to keep alive the federation as sense of deprivation is increasing among the smaller provinces. Barrister Zamir Ghumro talked the constitutional aspects of the NFC and said that NFC has no mandate for horizontal distribution of resources among provinces. He said that major developmental activities fall under the purview of provinces but major portion of the budget goes the federal government kitty. Ghumro further said that interpretation of constitution by federal government/establishment further deprived the provincial from their resources and demanded that sales tax and custom duty must be returned back to the provinces immediately. Sindh Democratic Forum Convenor Abrar Kazi said that Sindh is rich in resources but its people are more poor in the country due to injustices and injudicious distribution of the resources. Zulfiqar Halepoto and Dr Fateh Mari in their presentation highlighted the loops in the present mechanism of resource distribution under NFC and proposed that multi-factor formula must be adopted in NFC award. Dr Asad Saeed and others also shared their views on the topic, while former Senator Qazi Abdul Majeed, water expert ANG Abbasi and others asked questions from the panellists.