KARACHI - Port of Singapore Authority pilot, whilst shifting MV Sheng Ming Hong 7, Port of Registry Panama Official No.38679 -PEXT, IMO No.8117122 from Berth No.1 to Berth No.3 at 1930 Hours on August 17, 2009, had a head-on-collision with the RO RO Jetty, The Nation learnt. It was learnt that the vessel arrived at the port to discharge Urea, and the Centre Line of RO RO Jetty including horizontal fender are damaged, which needs further expert inspection to assess the damages, while it was suspected that may be the piles supporting the blocks are also damaged. Ships Bulbus Bow dented, and ship Master has not informed the Ship Owner. The vessel was piloted by Capt Noman Alvi of PSA who concealed the incident and also advised Master not to report the damages, sources informed. The incident is said to be covered by casual attitude of the pilot, however, the chairman has asked Principal Officer, Mercantile Marine Department to carry out independent enquiry in accordance with Merchant Shipping Act 2001 whilst PSA is operator, but Jetty is property of Gwadar Port, thus vessel may be detained till exact extent of damage is not investigated and claim is paid by PSA or Owners/or their Protection and Indemnity Club. Only bank guarantee are accepted in such cases, and as per Gwadar Port, they expect that even piles of jetty supporting the blocks are said to be damaged, thus a colossal loss, sources told. It was asked that Gwadar Port authority must recover the losses prior release of vessel which is customary as per international law. PSA instead of investing is now damaging the infrastructure and concealing the facts from the GPA.