ISLAMABAD - Former Davis Cupper Hamidul Haq appealed Federal Minister for Sports Pir Aftab Shah Jilani to help him seek justice in his row with the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF). The had PTF banned him for three years on August 17. "The ban should be lifted as soon as possible," he said in his statement here Friday. He said, "The PTF unjustly banned me but so far I have not been received any letter notifying me the reasons. Since it concerns my career, I have waited for many days but so far I have not received this letter, although my house is only at five minutes drive from the PTF office," he said. Haq further said, "Since the president PTF Dilawar Abbas and the senior vice president, Khwaja Saeed Hai publicly defamed me (at a local TV channel), I have the right to clarify my position through the same medium," he said. He said that the president PTF had alleged that he had demand a letter for visa for Spain whereas he had not submitted his entry to the ITF. Pointing to contradictory statements about the reason of banning him, Hamidul Haq said: "The President says that I was banned because I demanded a visa letter for an event for which I did not submit an entry, whereas the Senior Vice President says that I was banned because I have been issuing press statements against the PTF. I have seen the game evolve since I was a kid. My father, Siraj ul Haq was an All India professional champion before partition, my two elder brothers have played Davis Cup for Pakistan, thus, tennis is in my blood and I cannot tolerate worse things in tennis. It is my inherent right as a citizen of Pakistan to pinpoint PTF's lack of effort in developing new players." Haq further said: "In genuine cases, the PTF management failed to take action against certain individuals because they were close to PTF President. For example, a few years ago, personal assistant to the President, Muhammad Khalil Chughtai became secretary of the Afghan Tennis Association. In this capacity, he took thousands of dollars from the ITF for development of Afghan tennis. However, when the media highlighted his corruption, he abandoned Afghan tennis and the current PTF President made him secretary of the Islamabad Tennis Association. Instead of punishment, Khalil was rewarded. "A staff member of PTF, Ghufran, through fraudulent signatures of Arif Qureshi, the treasurer, deprived the PTF of 0.5 million rupees. It was clearly the responsibility of the Secretary PTF and its treasurer to keep the cheque books under tight control. Instead of censoring Arif Qureshi for failing to protect the hard earned currency of PTF, the PTF President got him elected for the second term," he said. "One of our top juniors, Zohair Raza, while touring New Delhi in connection with the training was hit by the PTF coach-cum-manager. His head was also smashed against the wall. He spent a night in the hospital. When the parents complained to the PTF management, they were told to withdraw their complaint otherwise Zohair will be banned. After this, instead of punishing the coach, they made him the captain of the Davis Cup team. From the above incidents it is quite clear that the PTF management is quite confused as to who deserves punishment and who deserves commendation, "he said."I request the Federal Minister of Sports to personally look into this matter to assure that justice is done and the so-called three-year ban is lifted," he concluded.