KARACHI - In this contemporary world of conflicts and issues, the characterisation of Islam can be redefined through three principles and philosophies, which need to be practised within the socio-political and economic set-up of Muslim societies. These philosophies can be termed as politics of justice, economics of equity and covenant of communities. This was the main thesis of Imam Yahya Hendi, a leading American Muslim Scholar and Chaplain at Georgetown University. Currently, Imam Yahya is on a visit of Karachi. While talking to The Nation, he said that politics of justice meant people must have fair and equal access to all basic facilities, including education, health and wealth. State should provide economic security to all humans regardless of their cast and creed. He said that America was being headed by a great leader, President Barrack Obama, who wanted to unite the world of Muslims. He said, I believe that under the administration of President Obama, US can open the doors of dialogue to eliminate the sentiments of hatred from the Muslim world. We should not allow the bitterness of yesterday to become a hurdle in future opportunities, and therefore, Muslim world should take this opportunity at earliest, He added. He further said, Islam is a religion that aims at building a personality that is spiritually empowered, morally sound, and materialistically viable. He endorsed the impression that the Muslim world has been facing leadership crisis for few decades, and this crisis can be overcome only by the giving the power of freedom & thought to the masses. Earlier, he was speaking to the local journalists in a discussion meeting held on Friday at the residence of US Consul General. The theme of the meeting was Islam and Muslims in America. The Muslim world has been facing a lack of dialogue since decades. It should be promoted between government and people, political parties, intra-faith and interfaith communities. Despite keeping and securing their religious identity, the Muslims in the United States will have to live together through integration and assimilation and they are trying to do this as it is the need of the hour. America is a democratic and pluralistic society, a society, which provides freedom of opinion to everyone, so that every individual can flourish his ideas without any discrimination. In America, Muslims have been playing a significant role in many prestigious departments and organisations such as Pentagon, State Department and many other economic organisations. Even, some of them are also the part of opinion making think tanks whose role is most influential in shaping public opinion and policy. In such societies, Imam can discuss the modern issues of highly sensitive nature like social stigmas, which cannot be conversed in the developing societies. America is presently in a state of Darul Harb (house of war). In order to create peaceful co-existence, we have to highlight the true spirit of Islam that teaches tolerance and this message should be spread among all the Muslim communities and other global communities. Through the strategy of dialogue, like interfaith and intra-faith, we can promote the true teachings of Islam and Sunnah. We can assimilate with Ijma or Consensus to meet the challenges of the modern world. By Ijma, we can develop consensus over the issues related to the role of woman in modern society, such as her role as the President or head of the state, her eligibility to become Imam or Religious Scholar and for giving religious guidance to the people, Imam said. Referring to the issue of moon sighting, he said that in most of the Islamic countries, this process is done through naked eye. However, in America, we start new Islamic month according to scientific calculations. The dilemma of the Islamic world is that it has not fully accepted the development in the field of science and technology and also the wrong and inappropriate interpretations of Quranic verses are proving as hurdle in a plenty of daily actions. By Ijma, we can bring all these issue on table for initiating dialogue as Wisdom is the lost guidance of the Muslims. The debate about the 99 attributes of God is neither philosophical nor a metaphysical debate among American-Muslims, however, its a typical matter of religion. They dont have any metaphysical problem in recognising Allahs names and attributes, which forms His divine characteristics. The United States is not suppressing the Islamic world, Appearances are typical representations of our actions, thoughts and beliefs. The US is not supportive to dictator regimes. To a query about responsibilities of the Western Muslims for the Ummah (whole Muslim community), he responded, Muslims from the developed societies have a more major role to play in order to uplift the whole Muslim Ummah. They are making so many investments in the fields of business and trade and social sector of the non-westernised Islamic countries. They are also bringing sophisticated technology in such societies. Some religious clergies are converting innocent Muslims into the faith of terrorism from the faith of peace and harmony. The followers of Islam and other religions should gather at one point to establish peace in the modern world.