LAHORE - Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif has said that he made a mistake for not taking the bar associations into confidence while recommending the names for new judges appointment to LHC. He expressed these views while addressing a reception arranged in his honour by the LHC Bar Association. According to him, despite having made a mistake, he would try to come up to the expectations of the bar. He said he always admitted that lawyers, civil society and media played commendable role in the movement for judges restoration. He pointed out that after judges restoration, it was Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry who took keen interest in making him CJ LHC. Commenting on the fate of the PCO judges, he said the Supreme Court in its July 31 landmark judgement had not restrained PCO judges from working. Justice Khawaja made it clear that if lawyers were not willing to appear before PCO judges their cases would not be dismissed due to non-appearance. He said he had appointed three judges at territorial benches but the same notification was withdrawn after the respective bar associations lodged protest against the PCO judges. He regretted the fact that the LHCBA had sought financial assistance of Rs 0.2 million from the Lahore Bar Association to give salaries to its employees. For such a meagre amount there should have no problem for such a big bar that had many lawyers who were receiving fee in millions. CJ also addressed the bar President Nasira Iqbal saying she belonged to a well-to-do family while Abid Hassan Minto was also an established advocate. He announced financial assistance rupees two million to the bar to overcome its financial constraints, saying LHC was also not financially independent. He also pointed out that the LHC had already shared the bars burden by making payments to widows. Earlier, LHCBA President Nasira Iqbal, in her address, said the re-appointment of removed judges would be a contempt of the Supreme Court July 31 judgement. She hinted that if the judges were appointed to the superior courts without consulting the lawyers, they might launch protest again. She requested the CJ LHC not to fix cases before PCO judges because they had lost public confidence. Justice Sharif was given resounding welcome on his arrival at the bar. They showered rose petals on him and chanted full-throat slogans in favour of restored judges and against PCO judges.