RAWALPINDI - A crowed of poor buyers of 20 kg flour bags, being sold on subsidized rate at Rs 200, burst out on the injustice of a PML-N MPA regarding distribution of the commodity at a mobile truck point at Afzal Town (Chaklala Scheme-III), saying they are stocking flour at MPAs bungalow and office to bestow his own men instead of giving to common people. The men of PML-N MPA Chaudhry Sarfraz Afzal are distributing flour to their own supporters while humiliating the women, young girls, old men and even children, who were here since morning to buy a flour bag from the mobile truck, said an old age woman Shaista, while talking to TheNation here on Friday. The flour bags were being stored by the MPAs men in his house and office, she alleged. She said, Why the Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif let his party men free to disgrace the poor people in the name of sasta atta. Why he is not taking action against those who were beating the girls, women and old age people with punches, kicks she questioned. Muhammad Shafique, an electrician by profession, told TheNation that has been standing in queue since morning to get atta on low rate but could not succeeded at several times he was pushed back with abuses by the distributors. It will be better for us to buy atta from open market at the rate of Rs 575 with respect. Leastwise, we remain safe from abuses and kicks of the trucks staffers he lamented. On insisting by a vast numbers of consumers standing in front of office of PML-N MPA Chaudhary Sarfraz Afzal at Afzal Town, when this scribe came inside the office, at least 35 flour bags of 20 kg has also been stored. When asked a man present in the office but not willing to tell his name, said, These 35 flour bags have been stored on the orders of Chaudhary Sahab. These will be given to the servants of the bungalow. When the PML-MPA was contacted by this scribe, he showed his complete unawareness about the incident. When he was informed about the storage of flour bags in his home and office, he said he was in Lahore and did not know what is going on in his absence. It will right now make a phone call to my office and will also remove the servant from his job who stored these bags.