ISLAMABAD - PML-N Quaid and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has threatened that his party would walk out of the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms if the government fails to come up with a plan to revoke the 17th Constitutional Amendment in reasonable time. Talking to a select group of analysts and journalists at Punjab House on Friday, Mian Nawaz Sharif said that they were not pressing for Gen.(retd) Musharrafs trial under Article 6 of the Constitution for any personal grudge and just wanted to establish the supremacy of law and the Constitution. It was the unanimous call of the nation to try President Musharraf for suspending the Constitution, he said, adding that the trial of the former military ruler is a must to ensure supremacy of the law. He said that it was a golden opportunity to block the path of military interventions and if the government does not move against the dictator, it would be a great disappointment for the nation. He said that with the Supreme Court of Pakistan declaring the Nov 3, 2007 acts as illegal and void, the Government was left with no option but to try him under the law of the land. It was the moral obligation of the government to move against the dictator as it was clearly written in the Charter of Democracy, duly signed by the Shaheed Chairperson of PPP Ms Benazir Bhutto, that a violator of the constitution must be punished. He demanded of the government to implement the Charter of Democracy in true letter and spirit and a delay in the enforcement of CoD was regrettable. Nawaz Sharif stressed that revoking of the 17th Constitutional Amendment and other distortions from the Constitution were vital to establish the supremacy of the Parliament and establishment of a democratic set-up under the 1973 Constitution. He further said that his partys struggle was for making Pakistan a strong and vibrant democracy, people of Pakistan a prosperous nation and getting the country a honourable place in the comity of nations. The country was marred with unemployment, lawlessness and deteriorating institutions and said that only a true political government could steer the country out of these crises and regretted that instead of standing on our own feet the country was begging from all over the world to meet their needs. He said that if the present government had not anticipated the gravity of the situation and not taken corrective steps to resolve these issues, the whole responsibility would rest with the rulers. He said that they were extending an all-out support to the ruling coalition and on each and every positive step, they stood by the government both inside and outside the Parliament but regretted that the rulers had not taken advantage of their support and instead create problems and made the things more complex and complicated. He said that his party would continue its struggle for the supremacy of Constitution and would not compromise on the Constitution and supremacy of the Parliament. He assured the nation that they would neither accept any undemocratic act nor become part of it. Instead, he concluded, they would resist such a move tooth and nail.