ISLAMABAD - Ever-fluid relations between major political playersthe ruling PPP and the opposition party PML-Nare ostensibly touching the lowest ebb once again as their understanding regarding addressing a host of issues was not working smoothly, insiders told TheNation Friday. According to the sources the circumstances were fast evolving to threaten the marriage of convenience between the traditional archrival political parties. Soaring relations between the PPP and the PML-N this time would be highly detrimental to their coalition government in Punjab thus leaving far-reaching implications on the countrys politics, the sources added. They cited a number of factors contributing to the worsening relations between PML-N and PPP with former having serious reservations towards PPP leadership especially Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani in addressing its demand to try Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf in the light of the SC verdict. The way Prime Minister addressed the PML-N demand on the National Assembly was more disappointing and forced the PML-N leadership to review its future cooperation with PPP, sources said. They further said that the federal governments move to increase sugar prices without taking the Punjab government on board has been taken by the PML-N leadership with a pinch of salt and further added to their mistrust. They recalled that PPPs dillydally approach on issues relating to repealing of 17th Amendment, appointment of judges in line with the Charter of Democracy and resolution of Local Governments system were other touchy issues that had increased PML-N reservations.