ISLAMABAD - In a surprise move, the Ministry of Health on Friday announced increase in the monthly stipends of the Post-graduate trainee doctors and house officers working in all Federal Government hospitals. Interestingly on the other hand the aggrieved trainee doctors working at (PIMS) refused to accept the decision, as they demanded implementation of the notification from November 2008. According to details, stipends of all the post-graduate trainee doctors of Federal Government hospitals throughout Pakistan have been increased and the decision is effective from July 1, 2009. The Ministry of Health after getting approved the request from the Finance Division announced to give 50 percent increase in the stipends of trainee doctors. Post-Graduate trainee doctors would now get a monthly stipend of Rs 22,500 as against the current Rs 18,000 whereas the House Officers would be given Rs 18,000 against the present Rs 12,000. As part of the package, the minor diploma trainees too would also be given a stipend of Rs 18,000 as against the current Rs 10,000 Last November when the government of Punjab raised the monthly salary package of the trainee doctors, we also requested the authorities concerned to implement the same decision in federal but no action was taken over it, said one of the aggrieved trainee doctors. We are not going to accept the decision without payment of the arrears, he added. It is worth mentioning here that the decision came in a time when the aggrieved doctors were planning to resume the strike. The Health Minister, Mir Aijaz Hussain Jckhrani after formal announcement of the decision called upon the Post-graduate trainees and house officers to focus their attention whole-heartedly to their profession and treat the patients with sympathy and kindness. The Peoples government would continue to provide incentives to professionals with a view to strengthen institutions and ensuring that the ailing and hapless people get the best possible care, said the Minister. Commenting on the development, the Executive Director of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences said it is indeed a welcome step and meets the long-standing demand of the medical community. With their financial woes now behind them the trainees would now be able to concentrate fully on attaining highest standards in their training and prove an asset for the organization they would serve in the coming days, he further maintained. The resolute determination of the Health Minister who pursued this case till the end made sure that the Finance Ministry gave its consent to the raise and approval is accorded by the Prime Minister, he said.